The Camera System on the 2017 Ford Super Duty Can Tell You When You’re About to Jackknife

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The extremities of trucks the size of the Ford Super Duty are sometimes hard to keep track of, especially when there’s a trailer hooked up at the back. The Blue Oval wants to keep the eventual owners of the 2017 Super Duty visually informed, so it’s developed a comprehensive system to do just that.

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Up to seven cameras will be available to help make the lives of drivers of the truck easier, especially those who use it to tow. That setup includes one in the grille, one in each side mirror, one in the center high-mounted stop lamp (useful for keeping an eye on cargo or hooking up a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer), another on the tailgate, and even one that can be placed at the back of a trailer. The optional Trailer Reverse Guidance system uses three of them to provide coaching and shifting views of the trailer as its angle changes. If that angle is going to lead to jackknifing, TRG shows yellow or red on the bird’s-eye view of the truck and trailer on the console’s touch screen. Further assistance comes from a patent-pending steering wheel icon that tells drivers which way to turn to keep a trailer straight while backing it up.

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Many of you have been backing up trailers for years with just mirrors and experience, so we know TRG isn’t absolutely essential. It sure does look helpful, though. From that perspective, it can be seen as the high-tech version of the tailgate bar and step: not completely necessary, but awfully nice to have. We’re looking forward to testing the system in person later this year and bringing you our full report on how it functions.

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