New Super Duty to Have 48 Gallon Fuel Tank

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2017 Ford Super Duty Stock Photos - IMG_3237_MR

We know the new Super Duty is going to be the most powerful, most capable, and most badass Ford Super Duty that there ever has been, but it also stands to reason that it’ll have improvements in fuel economy. To help get more work done, and more range out of your truck, a 48 gallon diesel tank will be available.

2017 Super Duty 48 Gallon Diesel Tank_1At the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis last week, Ford had a body-less truck on display to show off the new and updated components on the new Super Duty. To help highlight individual areas, there were placards all over.

2017 Super Duty 48 Gallon Diesel Tank_2

One of those little placards talked about the fuel tank on the diesel. That placard touted the 48 gallon diesel fuel tank, plus an increased tank for DEF fluid.

I always appreciate a larger fuel tank. It means fewer stops at the gas station, even if you do put more fuel in. Also, with a truck like Super Duty it means that you can work harder between fill-ups.

It’s just one of the many little changes to Super Duty to make it the most capable Super Duty ever.

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