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Propane-Powered Pickup Sets Record

A drop-in propane conversion for your F-150 in about 90 minutes — now we’re cooking with gas!

  Comments | By - February 28, 2018

First CNG / Propane Capable 2016 F-150 Rolls Off the Line

We talk a lot about Ford’s EcoBoost line of engines here, since they typically are the bread-and-butter engines amongst the regular F-150s normal people buy. But fleet buyers often look for special things, like the ability to have vehicles that run off of propane or compressed natural gas.

  Comments | By - December 9, 2015

2016 Ford F-150 to Offer CNG / Propane Upfitting Options

Gasoline is pretty cheap these days, considering not too long ago we were at $4 per gallon across the country. But there’s a type of automotive fuel that’s even less expensive, and that’s compressed natural gas (CNG).

  Comments | By - May 4, 2015