Ford F-650 Hauls to Help Charity

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Ford F-650 Charity Help Front

Testing a huge Ford truck by helping a Detroit children’s charity rather than just cruising the streets.

The folks at Car & Driver recently got to spend a day testing the 2019 Ford F-650 dump truck in Metro Detroit. Rather than driving it around town or pointlessly carrying a load just for the sake of experiencing the truck with a ton of weight in the bed, the reviewer used this commercial beast to haul a load of mulch for a local children’s charity group.

All things considered, a review of the 2019 Ford F-650 dump truck is unusual, but transforming a test session into a project to help a local charity group makes this piece far more interesting than your average first-drive write-up.

Ford F-650 Dump Rear

Lending a Hand

Car & Driver’s Greg Fink was tasked with using the 2019 Ford F-650 dump truck to deliver a load of mulch to one of the facilities of Wolverine Human Services. This charitable group operates a variety of facilities around Metro Detroit including soup kitchens, foster care/adoption centers and different types of substance abuse treatment centers. At one of their facilities, Wolverine has an apple orchard, a greenhouse, and a playground and recently, they were in need of some fresh mulch for those areas.


Ford and Car & Driver stepped in to help, with the automaker providing the F-650 dump truck and Fink providing the manpower to deliver the load to the charitable group’s location.

Ford F-650 Hauls to Help Charity continued…

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