Sloppy the Big Red Ford is Pretty Neat

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Ford didn’t make the Raptor back in the 1970s, but if it did, it might’ve looked something like the truck you see here.

True, this red desert runner is a two-wheel-drive single-cab F-250…from 1972. However, “Sloppy,” as this beast is known, has the spirit of a Raptor. It can run over almost every section of the Dubai sand dunes – and there are a lot of those. All it needs is plenty of gas and steering corrections.

Sloppy 2 - Copy

Of course, Sloppy itself has plenty to offer. It’s got a 302 cubic-inch V8 under its hood, front-to-back tubing, coilover shocks with miles of travel, a nine-inch rear end, and meaty 35-inch tires.

You can watch Sloppy use all of those parts to make a mess in the Middle East – and get out of one – by clicking the play button below.

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