Slammed 2017 F350 Platinum: Love It or Hate It?

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Slammed F-350 1

The majority of the FTE community hates the look of this 2017 F-350, but what do you think?

While the general consensus among pickup owners is that slammed Super Duty pickups are a waste of a good truck, there are plenty of people in the world who love this look. One member found the slammed 2017 F-350 Super Duty in Instagram and he shared it to the forum. Not surprisingly, the community doesn’t love it, but we figure that there have to be at least a few people who like it, right?

The Introduction

The slammed 2017 Ford F-350 was initially shared in a thread by “MNSuper” with the comment “I found this on Instagram – Enjoy”. It seems that most people do not enjoy it.

Before running through some of the responses, here is a look at this Super Duty last May when it was still a properly-functioning F-350, complete with the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine.

Stock F-350

Over the next few months, the owner of the big Ford chopped it up, added all sorts of unique suspension components, raised the bed floor to fit with the slammed stance and installed a set of huge wheels wrapped in low-profile rubber.

SLammed F-350 Front Side

On January 17th, the owner of the truck shared the completed picture of the truck, sitting millimeters off of the ground.

F-350 Slammed Rear

Community Responses

As you might expect, most of the FTE members who have commented do not care for the slammed F-350.


That’s just wrong on so many levels!


Rides and handles like stock. So happy with the mods!


FX0 No Road Package!


Personally, I don’t get it. A Carli 2.5 ” Pintop lift provides a functional improvement to off-road performance. The ride quality on lowered vehicles is generally compromised to the point that watching them in motion is literally comical with their nervous, frenzied motions that result from any surface imperfections. To me, these modifications fall in the same category as low riders with lifted driver controllable front suspensions bouncing around like clown cars. Sure, it requires some ingenuity, but the question to me is “Why?”. To each his own of course, but I am a believer in form elegantly follows function.

Mach medic:

Waste of a good truck, to each their own.

Some Positive Responses

While most of the members who commented didn’t care for it, there was some support for lowered trucks and the amount of work that went into building this F-350.


The frame/suspension was custom built. Its pretty impressive from an engineering standpoint. You can see the entire build on instagram.
Other than engineering standpoint its not interesting to me either.

Bow hunter78:

It is impressive. These guys look our stock or lifted trucks the same. This is all about how we want our vehicles to “look”. I have had many lowered vehicles both air and hydraulics. The amount of talent and craftsmanship it takes to accomplish this is amazing. I respect the work! I will have to look it up on IG.

So what do you think of this slammed 2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty? Head into the original thread to share your input.


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