First 1976 Ford F-150 Ever Built Emerges for Sale

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1976 Ford F-150

It might not be anyone’s idea of a collectible, but this stunning old Ford truck sure has been treated well over the years!

Being first at anything carries its own unique distinction. It means you’re at the top of your game, the best of the best. In the automotive world, being the first vehicle off the assembly line is pretty special too. Mostly in terms of collectibility, mind you. And while something like, say, a 1976 Ford F-150 isn’t really  a collector’s item, the fact that the first one is still around is pretty darn cool.

1976 Ford F-150

Even better, this Chestnut Brown beauty is up for grabs over at MJC Classic Cars in Lakeland, Florida. According to the seller, the truck was originally purchased by a gent named Eugene Barrett from Mutual Ford in Springfield, Massachusetts. Barrett drove it sparingly over the years, and it was still in his possession until 2009 when he passed away. His wife even kept it all the way until 2016 when it finally landed with a new owner.

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