Shockwave the Jet Truck is Terrifying and Amazing, All at Once

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Shockwave 2

Imagine taking a Ford Ranger, stuffing its engine bay with the new Power Stroke V8…then adding a silo’s worth of nitrous to it. It’s easy to imagine how to overpower such a small truck, but how do you do that with a semi? The answer is: Shockwave the Jet Truck.

Yes, I said, “Jet.” The 7,000-pound creation uses a 36,000-horsepower jet engine to make onlookers, such as those at the 2014 Duluth Air Show, believe they’re living in a crazy, hyperbolic alternate reality in which exhaust takes the form of hellfire instead of vapor or smoke.

You can watch Shockwave blast its way to jaw-dropping speeds in the video below.

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