SEMA Concepts Showed Us How Versatile Ford Trucks Are

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If you were lucky enough to be at SEMA this past week, you were treated to quite a selection of customized versatile Ford trucks to suit every taste. Social media was flooded with awesome photos from those who were fortunate enough to attend.

While bling and bright colors have been the theme in previous years, most of this year’s show trucks all tend to follow a “form follows function” mindset, with subdued colors like black, grey, or white, tastefully accented by bright shades like green or orange. The emphasis really was on the parts and the capabilities of the finished trucks themselves.


Instead of being blinded by chrome, your head was filled with visions of tackling tough trails – or simply cruising the strip.


Even the MBX350 Matchbox F-350 Super Duty build – made to look like a life-size Matchbox truck – got the subtle “black with blue highlights” treatment. It’s a look that works well, and I’d even be content to have the 99 cent die-cast replica in my garage. Editors Note: I want one too!


While the Raptor has understandably been the show floor darling in past years, the versatile Super Duty got equal attention this year. Wild Super Duty builds were just as, if not more prevalent than Raptors at this year’s SEMA.

From mild to wild, lifted to slammed, there really was something for everybody at SEMA this year.

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Story & Photos via: [Motor Trend]

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