Retro TV Commercial: 1990’s Ford F-150

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Today’s retro TV commercial features a 1990’s ad for the Ford F-150 featuring a guy named, Joe – a normal guy who does the same things with his F-150 that you or I might. If you’re a farmer, of course.

Many new truck commercials show them performing some extreme – often insane – stunt in order to show off what the vehicle in question can do when pushed to its limits. We have seen Ford trucks carry other trucks up steep hills and we have seen the F-150 compete in the Baja 1000, but for those people who don’t need to carry another truck up a hill or run the Baja 1000, we have commercials like this one.

This 90’s Ford F-150 ad features a guy who works with his hands, like many Ford truck owners. Joe works on chainsaws, works with torches, hauls lumber and has a family like any other truck driver. Joe could be any F-150 driver, so this ad is intended to appeal to those folks who use their Ford truck for real, every day use.

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Video via: [Classic Car Channel]

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