HUMP DAY JUMP! 1992 Ford F-150 PreRunner Jumps Platform

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The Ford F-150 really isn’t a truck that was made for jumping. It was made for hauling, pulling, and cruising — but definitely not soaring through the air. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it can’t.

Of course, even when stock, these rigs can handle quite a bit in the way of off-roading and abuse. So, as one might guess, with a little bit of tweaking and a fair amount of time and money, these trucks can be made to handle any off-road environment like a champ.

In today’s video by, justin stephens,¬†we get to see a Ford F-150 that fits such model perfectly. The rig is a 1992 Ford F-150 PreRunner, and it’s been built to withstand everything that could possibly be thrown at it. In the clip, we get to see it launch off a concrete platform and land below. It takes the landing pretty smoothly considering how steep it is.

Editor’s note: This win’s the awards for suckiest jump attempt ever.

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