Roush Builds Supercharged Raptor For Charity

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Roush performance is better known for their custom Mustangs, but they’ve been working on a custom Raptor as well. The build is actually part of a competition between Ford and Toyota to see who can design the best custom truck. Toyota had to make do with a Tundra, while the guys at Ford got to use the Raptor. Yeah, that’s not exactly a a fair fight.

Besides the sweet paint job and light bars, Roush strapped a supercharger to the top the the Raptor’s 6.2L V8. The Raptor isn’t exactly slow, but no one’s going to complain about raising the power to 525 horses.

The truck will be auctioned off at Barret-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction come this September. All proceeds will go to support the Emporia Community Foundation. They’ve got to pull in more than $100,000 to pass what the Tundra sold for. Not like it’s a competition or anything… But they’re going to blow right by that number. Easy.

via [Autoblog]

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