F150 Ecoboost Gets Power Bump from Bully Dog

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Bully Dog Dyno

Part of the joy of owning a newer car with turbo power, is the promise of cheap and easy power from a tuning. Ford’s ecoboost isn’t any different. As you might expect, Ford left a little bit of power on the table when building their twin-turbo V6. In true tuner form, Bully Dog has found a way to get it.

Admittedly, the ecoboost isn’t exactly "wimpy" to start with. The twin turbo 3.5L V6 makes 365-hp and 420 lb-ft of torque from the get go. Bully Dog’s tune claims to add another 80hp to that number. Presumably, by cranking up the boost.

Taking your truck to a tuner isn’t going to do wonders for your fuel consumption. Or your bank account. Or your warranty, for that matter. It will help sate your craving for more power. That said, Bully Dog is probably not the only game in town. Unichip also created a plug-n-play tune for the F-150. AS the ecoboost grows in popularity, the market for these types of tuners will continue to grow. It’s hard to say no to easy power.