Replace your Ford truck’s battery

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A Ford truck battery is something that needs to be changed from time to time in order to keep the truck in operation. A dead battery has to be replaced as it can no longer supply power to the ignition system or the starter motor. Different Ford trucks have different batteries. Therefore, it’s important to check the vehicle owner’s manual to find out the type of battery that powers your truck before you buy a replacement battery.

How to Replace the Battery of Your Ford Truck:

Step 1

Get all the materials you will require such as a replacement battery, wrench, battery pliers, socket and ratchet set, cleaning solution, and a wire brush.

Step 2

Try to replace the battery in the morning or when the truck hasn’t been used. If the truck has been driven, ensure that it has cooled down before you start to replace the battery. Work in your garage or in a shady area and consider wearing protective gear when working on any car repairs.

Step 3

Remember to set the parking brake before you commence.

Step 4

Lift the hood by pressing the hood release handle on the driver’s side and then slide the hood safety release lever.

Step 5

Use the socket and ratchet set to remove the bolts that hold the protective bracket in place across the top of the battery. Since the protective bracket holds the battery in place, once the bracket is removed, it’s easy to access the battery.

Step 6

Remove the plastic caps on the positive and negative terminals of the battery noting which terminal is positive and negative.

Step 7

Use a wrench in an anti-clockwise direction to loosen the clamp on each terminal and then remove the cable from the clamp of each terminal. Take care not to jerk the cable out as it can get ripped.

Step 8

Subsequently, remove the battery from the engine compartment of the car.

Step 9

You will now have to use the cleaning solution to clean the battery tray on which the battery was placed.

Step 10

A wire brush should be used to clean the connection points on the cables that were attached to the battery as cleaned cables help protect the new battery.

Step 11

Place the new battery on the battery tray inside the engine compartment of the car. Be careful when positioning it and make sure that it is placed in the same direction as the old battery. Then fasten the cable of the positive terminal on the clamp of the positive terminal of the new battery. Tighten the nut of the clamp with the wrench, turning it in a clockwise direction.

Step 12

Repeat the entire process for the negative terminal.

Step 13

Ensure that the connections are as tight as possible as loose connections can cause problems when the truck is started.

Step 14

Cover the clamps with the plastic caps and fasten the bracket into place.

Step 15

Once the battery is securely in place, you can close the engine compartment by lowering the hood of your truck.

Step 16

Some trucks have dual batteries-one in the front and the other in the rear. It’s best to replace both batteries simultaneously in such trucks to ensure optimum performance.

Replacing the battery of your Ford truck is a job that requires very little time. Some effort is required as the battery is very heavy and you should take care to not damage the interior of the engine compartment of your truck both when lifting the battery out of the car or placing it back in. If you have doubts, you can always ask a professional mechanic for help. Alternatively visit a car repair shop to get the work done at a fee.

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