Witness the Real Meaning of Ford Tough

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Say that you were in charge of Ford’s advertising campaign in the mid-1970s, how would you demonstrate the toughness and survivability of the F-100? Would you take it off road for the Baja?

Nah, too expensive and you really need to capture some Americana Action. There is this new movie being pitched called “Mr. Majestyk” with Charles Bronson in it. Hmm.

If you don’t know, “Mr. Majestyk” is a pure action film that’s 103-minutes long. It’s pure, ’70s old school American action with guns, jumps, and Vietnam veteran references.

I won’t ruin it, but be sure to watch it if you want to know where we’ve come from in terms of the genre. However, that’s not why we’re discussing it today. We’re here for that 1969 Ford F-100 and the action it saw in the film.

Yeah, we’re talking about this. Not only will you be impressed with some of the stunts this F-100 was put through, it impressed Ford as well.

They used it in an advertising campaign in 1974 touting that the truck wasn’t modified and kept up with all the demands put on it for the movie. It’s rather impressive, that’s for sure, just take a look:

That’s when Ford made this commercial:

Vaughn Gittin, eat your Professional Fun Having heart out!

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