Mr. Grady Goes Modern: Beautiful Frame Off 1940 Ford Pickup

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When you hear someone talking about upgrading to a more modern truck, you think of anything from the 1999 to present F-150. However, if you’re someone who’s only really owned 1920s and ’30s Fords your lifetime then your idea of “modern” is rather skewed to something far older. Francis Grady is such a man and this is his 1940 Ford Pickup.

“I’m more of a Model A’er,” Grady said to Mike Berry of the Wichita Eagle. “But I decided I needed something that would go a little faster.” However, it still took the convincing of his friends to buy the 1940 pickup you see now back in its original condition. They didn’t have to try hard, though, “I didn’t know anything about ’40 Ford pickups, but I was running out of projects and they told me it’s just like a Model A — you tear it all apart and start from scratch.”

It wasn’t easy, but Grady went through a full frame-off restoration to get it looking shiny and new, “I think the guy had used drywall mud to fill in the gaps,” Grady said. “I probably would have been better off if I had gone out and found me an old rust bucket. I chewed those guys out a few times for talking me into buying it. I said, ‘Now you’re going to have to help me put it together.’”

Be sure to check out the rest of the story by Mike Berry at the Wichita Eagle here.

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