Phil and Tom’s Ice Cream 1967 Ford F-250 Delivery Truck

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Ford has proven to be a long lasting vehicle for owners all over the country, even around the world. However, many working trucks serve a very short life but when it came time to take over their high school jobs, the Topalian brothers decided to keep the 1967 F-250 in service.

Now, this brotherly duo keeps it in the family and with some “Good Humor” thanks the sweet treat of ice cream. We take a quick look into the business of Phil and Tom Ice Cream and their still in service classic Ford.

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Phil and Tom Topalian were much like your average high-school boys in 2001. Looking for a job and wanting one that wasn’t too bad and had perks for their early career. Well, they probably didn’t expect it to be a career. You know how most high-school jobs go; get your money until you find something better.

Well, it turns out this wasn’t going to be your typical “get me money through summer” jobs. It would end up being the career they would end up keeping. Seriously, who would expect a job that simply states “ice cream truck drivers wanted” would end up lasting a life time to this point?

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Except, it kind of didn’t; while the brothers rented the truck for $500 a week plus the expense of stocking the ice cream in the truck, the old business went bye-bye. That didn’t deter them as they spend $13,000 of their own money to buy out the truck and would later create Phil and Tom Ice Cream LLC.

While Phil is stationed in Okinawa, Japan on deployment with the Marines, Tom has kept the business going along with him. However, it’s still not a cake walk for Tom as he is also an intensive-care unit nurse. Thankfully, their parents do step in when he can’t work.

Instead of just working from the side of the road, the brothers refocused the business to meet the needs of weddings, parties, and other larger events but that also means no weekends, nights, or holidays to themselves.

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The big selling point is the truck. With classic 1960’s Ford looks, how can you deny it? With the legend of Good Humor behind the name, people instantly get transported to a time they may not have lived in or possibly do remember.

Once the bell rings on the truck people start coming in wanted to see the full restored beauty of an ice cream truck. Of course, the ice cream isn’t bad on a hot summer day, either.

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