Crazy Clip o’ the Week: Ranger Smokes in Black and White (Video)

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Ford Ranger does a massive burnout in an artsy video posted only in black and white.

This week’s crazy video comes to us from the Rebel Videos YouTube channel and it features a Ford Ranger doing a massive burnout. The details on this truck are short, but we can see that it is wearing Mustang Cobra R-style wheels with low profile tires. The video refers to the tires as “slicks”, but we can go ahead and guess that they are old, bald tires – not actual racing slicks. After all, racing slicks would put up a little more of a fight against what appears to be a relatively stock Ranger.

Burnout in Black and White

As soon as the video begins, you are likely to notice that there is no color in this Ford Ranger burnout video. Most people who make burnout videos don’t put much time into formatting them to provide a different look, but this Ford owner uploaded the video in black and white, giving it an unusually artsy feel.

It is like burnout art, performed by a Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger in B&W

At first, there is almost no smoke coming off of the tires of this Ford Ranger and while it is hard to tell, it looks as though the truck might be on hard-packed dirt. The driver recognizes that it is going to take a while to make some smoke, relaxing in the cab as some music plays briefly over the video. Fortunately, around the 30-second mark, smoke begins to pour from the rear tires and the action picks up.

Until the end of the video, this white Ford Ranger roasts the tires as the driver features the throttle, keeping the truck in gear and keeping the rear tires smoking. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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