Ranger vs. Tacoma: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

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A Ford Ranger with big, chrome wheels takes on an off-road-ready drag race at Sebring International Raceway with surprising results.

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Christopher Campbell and it features a drag race between a Ford Ranger and a Toyota Tacoma at Sebring International Raceway. We point out the track because Sebring is one of America’s most famous road racing venues, but in this case, the Florida race track is playing host to a day of arm-drop drag races on the long front straightaway. There are no wires running to the box where the Christmas tree would go, so it seems likely that these runs aren’t timed, but they do allow these folks a chance to race in a safe environment.

An Unlikely Battle

There are no details on the Ford Ranger or the Toyota Tacoma, but it is clear that neither truck is really built for drag racing. The Ranger has gigantic, heavy chrome wheels, while the Toyota appears to have big off-road tires as well as a lift kit, all of which is unusual at the drag strip, but these two faced off at a famous American race track.

Ranger and Tacoma Race at Sebring

The video begins with the Ranger squealing the tires and pulling to the line where it waits for the high-riding Toyota to roll up. Once it does, the starter raises her hands as the trucks prepare to launch and when her arms drop the race begins. The Toyota appears to get the jump on the start, but the Ranger quickly pulls even and ahead. As the two trucks race down the track, the Ford gradually pulls away for what ends up being a pretty easy win for the Ranger.

The Tacoma might be the better truck in rough terrain, but on a drag strip, the small Ford with huge wheels is the winner.

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