Ford Super Duty Diesel Wastes Modded Mustang

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Powerstroked Super Duty leaves no doubt that it’s the drag race champion in a decidedly lopsided win.

It wasn’t that long ago that no one would ever give any truck much of a chance in a drag race with a Mustang. And even today, that perception remains. After all, a stock Mustang GT is pretty darn fast in modern guise. Throw on some mods, and you’ve easily got a car that can run with just about anything on the road. But as us truck guys also know, you can make big power with a modern diesel engine, too. Just take a look at this mighty Ford Super Duty.

Armed with a 6.4-liter Powerstroke, the Ford isn’t stock by any means, either. This one’s got an aftermarket pump, bigger injectors, free flowing exhaust, and compound turbos. It’s also getting a boost from methanol and nitrous. Which is obviously all you need to transform a crew cab Super Duty into a Mustang killer.

Super Duty

The 6-speed manual, 5.0-liter pony car features a few mods, including headers, exhaust, aftermarket intake, cold air kit, and a tune. Rather mild, yes. But you’d still have a hard time finding too many people that would bet against it. But it would certainly be worth it if you wanted to win some easy cash.

Because when it comes down to racing, this isn’t much of a race at all. The four-wheel drive Super Duty hooks like nobody’s business, catapulting off the line and completely embarrassing the pony car. Despite his best efforts to rip through the gears, it’s a lost effort from the start. The Super Duty lets out a plume of black smoke and that’s all she wrote.

So let this be a lesson, folks. Modern trucks are getting pretty darn fast, as we’ve seen a lot of lately. And if you’re looking to win a bet, you might want to set that wager carefully.

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