THIS OLD AD 1982 Ford Courier XLT/5

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1982 Ford Truck Ad-640

Wow, who could ever forget the Ford Courier? This old ad for the 1982 Courier XLT/5 Sports Truck is priceless. Check out the grin on the face of the driver. He looks like Robert Redford’s crazy cousin who’s out on a date with Demi Moore – who would have been barely legal that year. And check out those deluxe wheel caps and white walls! Too cool.

The Courier had a 2.0L engine with a 5-speed transmission, a 1400-lb. payload and got 27/38 mpg. Ford claimed that the Courier beat the best selling compact from Toyota on gas mileage. Not too shabby back then or even now.

Too bad manual transmissions are no longer an option on Ford trucks. Hopefully they can bring them back someday – soon!

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Photo courtesy of The Old Car Brochures Manual Project.

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