Epic Chevy Fail – Keep on Ford Truckin’

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Here’s a classic example of how much Chevy trucks really suck. This video will make you glad that you own a Ford and feel sorry for those poor unfortunate souls that drive cheaper, unreliable brands.


The owner of this customized and modified maroon, monster attempts to jump over a rather tiny lump of dirt. It’s barely a handful in reality. The video starts out nicely, a group of friends on a picturesque farm that looks like it could be in Minnesota or one of the Dakotas.


The truck rattles and roars and is airborne for barely a few seconds when it suddenly comes crashing down to earth with an epic thud like a giant red brick hitting the dirt.


And after a moment of silence by the stunned onlookers and cameraman – this was the sad and pathetic result above. Maybe it’s an improvement after all and thankfully no one was hurt. Well, except for the truck and maybe a few egos.

Watch the video below, enjoy the scenery and Keep on Ford Truckin’!

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