Off-Road Tip: Always Check Water Depth Before Crossing

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This F-150 driver takes a bath after forgetting the most important off-road tip of all!

If you’re a rookie off-roader, there’s no shortage of butt-saving information available via Google search. While in the old days we had to rely on our grandfather’s advice, or perhaps just wing it and hope for the best, today is a totally different story. But, be warned, the rise of the information age also brings along the rise of the “fail video.” You know, just in case you don’t do your homework prior to hitting the trails!

It would appear that this F-150 driver didn’t read up on one particular off-road tip. Either that, or he chose to ignore it, because any mud friend worth his salt knows that you should always do a depth check before crossing it any body of water. Oftentimes we underestimate just how deep a “little” puddle can be. Fail to do so, and you’ll quickly find out that trucks don’t float very well.


That’s exactly what happens on this video by joe coron. It’s a textbook example of what not to do, which is why YouTube was invented in the first place. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but there’s nothing more entertaining (and educational) than watching somebody screw up this badly.

The only thing that could make this short clip any better is if the guy was driving a Chevy!

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