Crushed Ford Super Duty Keeps on Truckin’!

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Crushed Super Duty proves that when they say “Built Ford Tough,” they mean it!

We often see cars and trucks getting hauled off on wreckers after minor accidents. One swift blow to many modern vehicles could render them inoperable, and destined for the scrap yard (or an expensive repair bill). But, Ford trucks aren’t just any vehicle, they’re built to absorb a ridiculous amount of damage, despite what the Chevy folks want us to believe! Look no further than this insanely crushed Super Duty for living proof.

super duty

This truck appears to have had a rather large tree-like object fall on top of it, or at least something heavy enough to bend it completely in half, anyway. The damage is so severe that you would suspect there’s no way it would move on its own power. But you would be wrong. The Super Duty “origami edition” is able to back up down the street and even pull into a driveway!

Of course, it drags the frame the entire way, and you aren’t exactly going to hit the freeway in this thing either. Plus, we’re pretty sure the poor Super Duty is headed to the scrap heap (or parts bin). Regardless, this is still one mighty impressive demonstration of toughness, don’t you agree?

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