What Not to Do to the Truck You Love

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Ford Ranger Rollover

When you care about your truck — or any ride, really — there are certain things you do, and others that you don’t.

When it comes to the many things that people do to their beloved rigs, modifying them is certainly a plus. It is a very understandable thing to do.

After all, what better way is there to show that you love your truck than making it better? However, when you go down this road with your ride there are some rules that you must abide by.

And though there may be several examples, we look to this guy in his blue Ford Ranger to show us what not to do to the truck in your life.

Ford Ranger Rollover

It won’t take the average person very long to see this driver’s terrible mistake once they click the play button. What is actually going on, however, is that at this particular track any car has a chance to participate in a race if they can pass a basic technical inspection, and this guy did so.

Maybe it was ill-advised, but he went ahead with it anyway. Please note that this is not a drag strip, and is indeed a true racing circuit with — you guessed it! — turns.


If you can recall many accident stories of the past, it is obvious that trucks (and, to be fair, SUVs as well) have a tendency to roll when they take a turn at rather high speeds.

This truck isn’t made for racing, and it doesn’t help that this guy loves his truck, and has thus slapped on massive and overdone rims.

Ford Ranger Rollover

So what was the outcome? We’re sure you can guess it by now. When entering the first turn the Ranger flipped and rolled over — and then continued to roll.

He ended up off the track and beside the stands, probably angry and upset that he had lost and his ride was, at the very least, badly damaged.

Check out the video below and remember: Don’t do this to the ride you care about!

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