NEWSFLASH Ford Sells a Lot of Trucks!

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Yes, we know that we’re stating the obvious here, but Ford really does sell a lot of trucks. In January of 2015, Ford had their best month selling trucks since 2004.

Considering the 2015 F-150 production isn’t quite at full capacity yet, that’s a pretty impressive feat. Here’s a breakdown of some of their successes.

aluminum F-150

Ford sold 54,370 F-Series trucks in January. As we mentioned that was their best sales volume month since 2004.

2004 ended up being an all-time record-setting year for F-Series sales, meaning this year is off to a really strong start for Ford.

For some comparison, that was more trucks than Ram sold in January by a whopping 25,752 trucks. They also outsold the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado twins combined.

That doesn’t mean doom-and-gloom for Ford’s competition. Ram’s January sales were up 14.1%, GMC Sierra’s was up 13.5%, and the Silverado was up 24.8%. Other than Nissan, which saw a drop of 12.7% over January 2014, all the truck makers were up. Strong truck sales are helped by lower fuel prices.

Ford doesn’t typically break down sales by F-150, F-250, etc… but we do know that 2015 F-150 production isn’t at 100% yet. Sales have been strong on the new truck, though. Higher-spec versions like the King Ranch and Platinum only spend 9-10 days on a dealership lot before being sold.

What do you think about all of this? Ford is on a roll these days, aren’t they?

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