All-New Aluminum Raptor May Debut in Detroit Next Month

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We’ve seen spy photos, heard rumors, citied sources, but we still haven’t seen the new Ford Raptor in the flesh. However, according to a new rumor, we might not have to wait that much longer.

The F-150 Raptor has been around for quite some time. The wonderfully insane factory Baja truck was the talk of the town when Ford introduced it in 2010. Since then though, the Raptor hasn’t had a refresh and is looking a bit long in the tooth. When we talked about it last, that could have meant that Ford was working on a completely new model.

Then we starting seeing an interesting set of F-150 mules with some Raptor parts tacked on. And with the new F-150 coming out this past year, everyone’s been wondering if or when we would see a new Raptor. Now, according to Road & Track, Ford might introduce the new model in Detroit this January.


According to our sources, the new Raptor will feature the same aluminum body the new F-150 uses, although with beefier fender flares to give more room for suspension travel. However, that’s really the only bit of information we know at the moment.

Some of our spy photographers who caught the new Raptor testing said that the engine sounded distinctly like the 3.6L EcoBoost engine, but with the turbo pressure turned up. If proven true, that would be something everyone has wanted since the trucks debut.

The EcoBoost motor is by far a better motor for this type of truck. It combines all the power and torque of the V8, but with minimal fuel consumption. Something that’s desperately needed when flooring it over rough terrain in the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully, the Detroit show is just a month away meaning we won’t have to wait all that long to get our first real glimpse of the new truck. Stay tuned.

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