HUMP DAY JUMP Huge Leap from a Minnesota Mud Monster Ford

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This video took place at the Crown Mud Bog, and boy is it stunning. The driver — apparently named Nick — leaps this old Ford twice and lands in the mud with a big splash.

The rig has to plow through some mud before it even hits the jump, so what color the rig actually is would be anybody’s guess. The woman who is filming seems extremely excited as she watches the Ford jump into the muddy abyss, and who could blame her? Nick seems to be quite good at getting some insane air.

Old Ford Jump

We’re not sure how much damage was done to the truck after the second leap, but it almost looks as if the bed is wanting to come off when he’s in the air. The smoke might not be the best thing either. Even so, many would say that the jump was worth some repairs with how extreme it really was.

Most people who jump their trucks are too nervous to actually get it up as high as this one, but that may be well founded considering we aren’t sure this rig could drive home. Either way, it makes for some wonderful entertainment!

What are you waiting for? Check out the video and see Nick jump the muddy old Ford high into the sky!

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