New Ranger Rendering Surfaces, Teases What’s to Come

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We spill a lot of virtual ink on these pages talking about the return of the mighty Ford Bronco. But alongside the Bronco, we’re expecting to see an all-new, U.S.-built and sold Ford Ranger. While the internet is awash with speculation and renders of the new Bronco, not nearly as much has been said on the Ranger.

Our friends over at TopSpeed aim to correct that by releasing a brand-new render of what they think the new Ranger will look like, along with their opinions on what it’ll entail. The rendering itself isn’t that much different than the current global Ranger on sale, but they share some of the similar ideas about what will power the truck.

They expect the current diesel engine available in the Ford Transit to be available in the Ranger. Additionally, they’re expecting the fabulous 2.7L EcoBoost V6 that is also available in the F-150 as a top-spec gasoline engine. For a lower-end option, they speculate the 2.3L that is in the Mustang and the Explorer.

They also believe that the manual transmission, if offered at all, will be restricted to the lowest trim level and specifications.

To see what else they’re predicting in the new truck, head on over to their site.

Afterwards, let us know what you think in either the comments section below or over in the forums!

via [TopSpeed]

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