New Ford / UAW Contract Confirms Bronco and Ranger Production

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… supposedly. Details of the agreement haven’t been made public, but according to a source speaking to the Detroit Free Press, the new contract between the UAW and Ford Motor Company shifts their car production out of the country, and brings all truck production here. That would include the new Ranger and Bronco at the Michigan Assembly complex.

We’ve been talking for awhile about how we believe that the Ranger, and ultimately the Bronco, will once again be on sale in the United States. Ford has long said that they don’t plan on shutting down or cutting jobs at Michigan Assembly, but they already announced that C-Max and Focus production were leaving the country. Obviously, something needs to fill the void.


Assuming the anonymous source at the Detroit Free Press is correct, then it’s a logical decision that should make enthusiasts and shareholders happy.

Mid-size trucks have been on fire lately, with Toyota finally refreshing the popular-selling Tacoma and GM bringing back the Canyon and Colorado to great success. Now seems like as good of time as any to bring the Ranger back into the fold.

The Bronco, to us, seems like more of a tough sell. We do expect it, if it were to happen, to be a low-volume model. Everyone and their mother aren’t going to be out buying Broncos. But, for the enthusiast and fan, there should be something for you all to like.

As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know! What do you think? Sound off in the forums!

Bronco rendering by Joseph Yoon for Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

via [Detroit Free Press]

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