1974 Ford High Boy Surprise Build

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While we’d be quick to say that many people begin working on a project ride out of their own personal desire to make the ride into exactly what they want, that isn’t always the case. In fact, there are a few other reasons that one might choose to build up a ride that they don’t intend to be for their own personal use. One of these is fairly obvious — for profit. While¬†this can be difficult to do, many people still work on rides for this purpose. Secondly, someone may choose to work on the ride for the purpose of another. This might be for a daughter, a son, a friend, or, in the case of today’s feature, their wife.

FTE member Goodluckfox has recently taken on a 1974 Ford High Boy project specifically for his wife, and we absolutely love it. The two had been on the lookout for a ride that would suit her needs, which were fairly clear. She was on the lookout for a pickup truck with four wheel drive and an automatic transmission, that was preferably a step side. She ended up spotting this High Boy on Craigslist that had been there for about a month. Unfortunately, the truck had already been purchased when they pursued purchasing. But, thankfully, the new buyer had purchased the ride in order to flip it and sell it for more.

Goodluckfox bought it secretly, bringing it to a local shop to begin the project. He hopes to surprise his wife with it by putting it in the garage of their new house for when they move in. While a lot of work is needed, it’s definitely well on it’s way! Go stop by Goodluckfox’s build thread and show your support!

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