Ken Block Rocks a Raptor in the Snow (Video)

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Ford Raptor

Hoonery Legend Gives the 2017 Ford Raptor a Workout in the Snow Complete with Nearly a Dozen Donuts

If there’s one name that should come to mind when you hear the words, “drifting,” “donuts,” “jumping” and “hoonery,” it’s Ken Block. Consequently, if there’s one truck that should come to mind when you think of Ken Block, it should be, of course, the new Ford Raptor.

Block has been deeply involved with the development of Ford Performance’s latest amazing creations. He was already a part of the Ford team when the previous Raptor was launched, but he’s been there since day one for the new 2017 model — not to mention the Focus RS and even the Ford GT. Yeah, the guy has a terrible job, doesn’t he?

Ford Performance, has released a very cool video that shows us what payoff actually looks like when you collaborate with Ford’s tuning division. Block hardly stops smiling during this short-but-sweet footage of him hooning the new Ford Raptor in the snow. It all kicks off with a massive jump that is followed by many donuts, drifting moves and other sweet jumps in the fresh snow.

Furthermore, it may also give us a peek at Ford’s optional wheels for the Raptor. We don’t know about you, but we haven’t seen these wheels featured in any other photo shoots or even the online configurator. Maybe they’re future optional wheels, or just winter hardware they had laying around. Either way, they definitely work.

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