‘Motor’ Men Get Wet & Wild with Ecoboost Raptor

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Ford Raptor

When You Have Access to a Wide Open Expanse of Wet Pavement and a Ford Raptor, You Do Skids. Mandatory.

Ford’s newest 411 horsepower 3.5L turbocharged V6, 10-speed automatic, knobby-tire, long travel suspension, lightweight high-strength aluminum, performance pickup is already proving to be a fan favorite among hooligans and hoonigans alike. What’s not to like about a powerful off-road bombing F150? It’s like Ford is building trucks specifically for truck enthusiasts to have fun in. Motor Trend magazine’s hired hooligans, Jonny Lieberman and Jason Cammisa, recently got their hands on one and took it for a drift session in the rain, as one is expected to. They seemed like they were having fun with it.

As you can see in this short video above, the Raptor is pretty easy to pitch sideways and keep it there for as long as you care to. With a compliant suspension and plenty of power, this truck may well be the four-wheel drift machine we’ve always dreamed it might be. It almost seems like a good driver in this truck works better than Ford’s Focus RS with drift mode engaged. Deliveries of the 2017 Raptor to dealers is just starting to ramp up, so you can expect some owners to create some interesting videos of their own once they get their hands on them. For posterity, here’s that same drift from a different angle. Just leave it on repeat, it’s worth watching a couple hundred times.

Raptor Rain-Drift, goooood. #mynewhobby

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There is nothing wrong with having a little fun with your Ford Truck. Just make sure you’re always exercising safe practices. Don’t do stuff like this in public areas where someone might get injured. If you’re going to do something wild, take it to a private setting and far from any potential bystanders.

[Source: Jonny Lieberman & Jason Cammisa on Instagram]

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