Ford Ranger Digs Its Way Out of the Slop

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ranger deep mud

This week’s Muddy video features a late generation Ford Ranger pickup out playing in some very deep mud. We don’t have any real details on this truck, but it sounds a little louder than your average stock Ranger and we can see that it has some meaty mud tires, although the ride height looks fairly stock.

In any case, the video shows this Ford Ranger tackling two very deep mud pits. The first is more mud and less water, but it is sludgy enough to force the little Ford pickup to do a little digging to get to the other side. We then get to see that same mud run in slow motion. After that, the Ranger takes to a much deeper, much wetter hole, and we can see that the mud is deep enough to build up in front of the tires as the driver pushes through.

On this second run, the Ranger looks like it is surely stuck more than once, but the driver still gets his little Ford to the other side.


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