Ford F-350 on 49” Tires Conquers All (Video)

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There are certain advantages to putting 49 inch tires on your Ford F-350. It makes the truck look awesome but far more importantly, tires like that afford the driver the option of going pretty much anywhere he wants and this week’s Muddy video features an awesome, heavily modified F-350 with huge tires tackling all sorts of terrain without any problems.

Between each video segment showing this one ton Ford truck in action, we get to see a still shot of the truck all cleaned up and it is one wicked truck. However, actions speak louder than words…or pictures…and the video footage of this big beast tearing through the mud is nothing short of impressive.

There are points in this video where it appears as though this near-monster truck F-350 might be in a position that it might not be able to get out of, but every shorter clip shows the truck moving before cutting away.

Best of all, even with the subtle flares over all four tires, the massive rubber flings mud everywhere – coating this F-350 in mud thick enough to make it impossible to tell what color it is and making it a fitting truck to feature for Muddy Monday.

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