Got $600? Start a 1985 F-250 Build!

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1985 F-250 Build

A Ford F-250 for $600? What would you expect? Junk? Parts? Or maybe a truck of great potential? Roadrash63 bought this 1985 F-250 4×4 for just that price.

The truck hasn’t been driven in twelve years, and certainly needs a lot of work! Even so, it’s a solid truck and a wonderful starting point for something amazing.


Housing a 300-6 and a four-speed, this rusty wonder actually has a pretty clean interior and a solid base. Roadrash63 has changed the carb, worked with frame, and painted the cab a flat Woodland Green.

He recently tore off the “crusty rusty” body panels and replaced them with refurbished Ford panels. He is currently in the process of removing the computer.


Even though it remains quite incomplete at this point in time, the progress is evident. Not to mention it is looking quite good in it’s stunningly well done Woodland Green paint job!

Lots of ground to cover, but no doubt it will be done well and efficiently.

Go drop by roadrash63’s build thread and show your support!


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