More Mud: 2004 Ford F-150 Mudding on 20” Chrome Rims

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04 f150 mudding600

Typically when you see a Ford F-150 with a set of big, shiny 20 inch wheels the first thing that you think is “I bet that guy doesn’t do anything with that truck”…and you would be right in most cases.

However, this video features a 2004 F-150 fitted with a set of flashy 20 inch chrome rims but the owner of this half ton pickup is willing to cover all of that chrome in deep mud – and show off those adventures on YouTube.

In addition to the 20 inch rims, this 2004 Ford F-150 is fitted with a 10 inch lift setup with a Pro Comp suspension setup to give it plenty of clearance while a set of 37 inch Toyo Mud Terrain tires helps it dig through the deepest slop – and dig it does.

This video shows the tricked out F-150 going through a bunch of different mudding situations and it does so with great success…showing that not every truck with big chrome rims is a road queen.

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