Muddy Monday: F-350 Monster Truck

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Watch a Ford F-350 Super Duty annihilate the competition.

We’ve previously featured videos of off-road vehicles drag racing in deep mud, and this week’s “Muddy Monday” video takes place on a muddy race track. But, there is only one big and bad Ford truck.

It doesn’t take an expert to recognize the fact that this truck was built to dominate any mud pit. Under the custom-painted purple and green body is a gigantic suspension setup, holding the factory Super Duty away from the huge tires. In fact, there’s enough clearance under this F-350 body that we can get a good look at the underpinnings – at least until everything is covered in mud.


In the video we get to watch the monster Ford F-350 make short work of the deep, thick mud. After making a handful of easy runs, the big Ford makes a couple more with a huge tire chained to the back bumper for more resistance. Of course, that isn’t enough to keep this F-350 from easily cruising from one side of the pit to the other.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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Video via: [Monster Trucks in Mud]


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