Watch an Early-Generation EcoBoost Thrive During the Baja 1000

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Six years later and despite many haters, the EcoBoost is a mainstay in the F-150.

It seems like only yesterday that everyone talked about the EcoBoost engine being introduced in the 2011 Ford F-150. The turbocharged engine gave drivers the power they craved, but delivered greater fuel-economy. There wasn’t a doubt the EcoBoost would usher in a new era of Ford engines, and to show just how powerful and tough it was, they put it in desert pre-runner F-150 and ran it on the Baja 1000.


Even six years later, the video of such F-150 running the torturous course is impressive. Powering past broken down trucks with race-specific engines, the EcoBoost was able to give Mike McCarthy everything he wanted over the 38-hour race. In fact, the gas mileage was so good, they were able to skip their last pit stop and power-on through the end of the race.

Nowadays the EcoBoost is commonplace in millions of vehicles across the globe. Purists still whine about the lack of a V8 (for some reason), but for most people, the EcoBoost engine gets the job done properly and efficiently.

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