1965 Ford F-350 Flat Bed is a Budget-friendly Workhorse Project

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1965 F-350 Flat Bed Front Corner

Get the engine running right and put this F-350 to work, or restore it and make a unique show truck.

The biggest complaint with the big, modern work trucks is that they are so expensive, but this 1965 Ford F-350 Custom Cab in the FTE Marketplace could be the answer. Listed for just $1,800, this classic flatbed truck sounds like it is only a good tune-up away from being a great work truck with plenty of hauling capacity and more character than anything available at the local dealership.

The Introduction

When “Mid-Engine F1TT” first introduced us to the 1965 Ford F-350 Custom Cab that he is selling in the Marketplace, he was fairly short-winded with the details.

In average condition for the year, rust on lower cab corners, some in bottom of doors. Runs and drives, idles rough.

Actual VIN is F35DR612327, not sure what was up with the listing tool.
Not sure about the mileage, that was what is on the OD.

352CI engine
10,000 GVW

We also know from the listing that this antique F-Series work truck has a manual transmission and rear-wheel-drive, spinning four tires across the rear axle. We can see some rust around the bottoms of the doors, so the cab floor near the doors could be rusting as well, but for the most part, this old Ford looks pretty clean for a 53-year-old work truck. After all, it isn’t like this truck left the assembly line in the 1960s only to spend winters and rainy days in a garage like a classic car.

1965 Ford F-350 Flat Bed Front

Put It to Work

It seems that the only thing that is really “wrong” with this 1965 F-350 is the rough idle. A good tune-up might fix that, but even in the worst case situation, a 302 or 351 from a junkyard with a mild build would be inexpensive and far more powerful than the current engine.

1965 Ford F-350 Flat Bed Rear

Once this big, antique Ford flatbed truck is running right, it would make an awesome delivery truck or farm truck. Maybe clean up the body just a bit, add some company logos and this will be the most unforgettable delivery truck your customers will ever see.

1965 Ford F-350 Flat Bed Side

Restore It

While cleaning this F-350 up for working use is the most logical idea, the body and chassis to be in pretty good shape. For someone buying this truck for $1,800, some new sheet metal, a little body filler and a good paint job would get this cab into car show quality. Once complete, this 1965 Ford truck would most certainly be one of the most unique vehicles at any car show or truck show in America. Add some new wheels, clean up the chrome trim bits and paint up the engine bay and this 1965 Ford F-350 would be ready for the spotlight.

1965 Ford F-350 Flat Bed Rear Corner

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