Meet KRYPTON – A Ford F-350 Rolling on 40-inch Tires and Stock Suspension

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Fab Fours is known for its radical bumper designs and fabrication, but perhaps more so its show-stopping Jeep build, The Legend, that debuted at SEMA at the end of 2014. The Legend was built with the idea of keeping stock suspension, but still being able to ride on a set of oversized off-road tires – a theme that the South Carolina fabricators continued on into its SEMA build for the 2015 year.


The base vehicle for this year’s build was a 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty Platinum Series with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel. Again, Fab Fours wanted to keep the suspension completely stock, but fit 40-inch Toyo tires at all four corners. Typically a set of 35-inch tires requires a 6-inch lift, so the builders had some serious work ahead of them.


The wheels used on this build are a set of 22-inch Moto Metal MO962’s with an aggressive 76 offset. In order to get the beefy wheels and tires under the truck without touching the Ford’s suspension, fully custom fenders had to be fabricated. You’ll barely notice the fenders, painted bright green to match other accessories on the truck, as your eyes forcibly gravitate towards the massive grill and bumper combo that Fab Fours calls a “Grumper”. Other modifications include a custom visor, light bar, and an off-the-shelf “Vengeance Series” rear bumper. Fab Four finishes off the build with a performance exhaust system, intake, and an Innovative tune.


Fab Fours knows this truck isn’t for everyone and is fine with that as its intent is to get people talking about its products. It also helps they shot this video of the truck lightly “rolling coal” and doing donuts.

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