Outstanding 1966 Ford F-250 Crew Cab “Six Pack”

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Selling in a private auction on eBay is this supreme example of the hard-to-find Ford F250 Crew Cab from 1966 referred to around the streets as the “Six-Pack”. This ‘66 Ford F-Series four-door is in such quality restored condition that I think it is deserving of a premier auction house listing at Mecum or Bonhams. The word from the owner is it started out as a well-kept rustless piece of America before it’s tasteful period piece updating. Check out the pictures, this Ford has been thoroughly brought to life from the interior, exterior to the powertrain.

Bring-a-Trailer blesses us with some solid knowledge of this year model of the F-250 four-door Crew Cab. This one surprisingly was only the second year of production of this Ford in either a 250 or 350 model with a choice of the cab shown here is a Styleside bed. Ford produced this generation F-Series form ‘65 through ‘79 although the first two years was the only to wear the “Twin I Beam” monikers. This model line built with four-doors and Styleside bed are classic and even more painted in a two-tone combination with the white roof, classy. Take a look under the bonnet and you’ll find just as clean and well-kept compartment as the rest of the vehicle.

There is no question about the straightness of the body and frame. Every panel on the exterior is clean and smooth as well as the undercarriage. I was impressed how this gentleman took pictures of the full underbody allowing you to enjoy the careful craftsmanship of restoring this rare “Six-Pack”. Love seeing that rear 4.10 ratio rear axle in beautiful jet black looking so robust along with the updated suspension.

Pushing power to the rear-wheels only on this edition is a 352 cubic inch eight-cylinder Ford unit cycling through what is said to be an unengaging 4-speed automatic. With an estimated 220 HP just to the rears this beast has a world of torque ready to be released. This auction is sitting around $20,000 on eBay today and it’ll definitely climb higher.


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