TRUCKIN’ FAST Blown 2011 F-150 Makes 753 Horsepower, Runs Low 11s

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mpt f150 dyno

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video features a 2011 Ford F-150 that has been built up by the folks at MPT Performance. We don’t know what all has been done to this truck, but we can see that it is supercharged and it is obviously a V8. Beyond that is all guess work, but I think that it is safe to assume that there is plenty of other work done to this truck.

The reason that I make that assumption is because in the video below, this 2011 F-150 lays down 753 rear wheel horsepower and 821 lb-ft of rear wheel torque, while blasting down the quarter mile in just 11.3 seconds.

In addition to the dyno video and the quarter mile run, this video offers a great look at this 2011 F-150 from every angle, along with a collection of quick burnouts.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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