Maui Wowie! Custom Tiki Ford F-250 a Crazy Polynesian Pickup

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Galpin Auto Sports Tiki F-250

What better way to kick off summer than chilling in your truck’s hot tub?

When it comes to ambitious custom truck builds, we’ve seen a lot. Lifted, lowered, bagged…there seems to be no end to how people want their Ford trucks modified. But this truck? Yeah, this one legitimately surprised us. And honestly, we want one. Created by Galpin Auto Sports the ‘Tiki Truck’ is a 2005 F-250 Crew Cab Diesel that has been turned into a little piece of paradise by the dashboard light.

Galpin Auto Sports is a custom shop that has an impressive roster of cool builds, from SEMA winners, to unique custom wraps, to modified sporting trucks. But we love both the detail and true sense fun that is went into the creation of the Tiki Truck.

Galpin Auto Sports Tiki F-250

The truck has a lot of extras to make it stand out, not the least of which is a working hot tub in the truck bed! According to Galpin, the custom-built hot tub includes “a generator for power, a teakwood deck, and a giant tiki head that opens to fill the tub with a waterfall!” And, you can’t have a real Tiki party without a portable barbecue, frozen drink machine, and ice chest, all included.

The colorful interior seating is all custom, and keeps the Tiki theme going strong. As does the hula girl on the dash. The exterior features a nicely executed custom paint job that is bold but not over-the-top, and the front grille is very badass with bamboo and a 22″ custom Boze Tiki face looking very large and in charge.

Galpin Auto Sports Tiki F-250

This is truly a Polynesian party on wheels, and one we’d happily raise a Mai Tai and say “Aloha” to. What could be more fun than getting lei’d in your own F-250 hot tub?

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S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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