First-Generation Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Keeps Getting Better

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This Raptor is brighter & beefier for a demanding, adrenaline-fueled customer.

The Ford Raptor has always been what you could call a “serious” machine. It’s big and loud and has badass things to do. It’s designed to get over, around, or through whatever you point it at and it is not fond of hearing the word “No” from Mother Nature. What its suspension can’t flex over, its powerful engine and massive tires will flatten into submission.

The first-generation Raptor in the Galpin Auto Sports video up top is as serious as a heart attack…during a missile strike. GAS has been modifying the Team Pavo truck for the past four years. Its owner, Duman, takes it off-road often and each time he does, he discovers something new that he wants to upgrade. So far, his rig has a full roll cage, racing seats with harnesses, substantial rubber, what appear to be beadlock capable wheels, as well as a couple of spare wheels/tires in the bed, just in case. Each of the four light pods up front are packed with the lighting power of a 30-inch bar. Galpin Auto Sports Insane Ford F-150 Raptor

In his quest to improve his Raptor’s performance, Duman has opted for an upgraded axle. Given how extensively modified Duman’s Raptor already is, GAS has to get creative about making other parts of the truck fit the axle. They custom-make brackets for the new back end and have U bolts specially fabricated to fit the new hardware. The existing wheel centers are too small to fit on the new axle’s hubs, so GAS has to bore the centers of the wheels out to make sure everything can connect.

After all of the mods are in place, it’s time for GAS and Duman to find out how the Raptor performs so they head to the desert. No Raptor test would be complete without a jump. Luckily, Duman appears to be a thorough man. We also like being thorough so we’ll tell you right now that unless you want to see a Porsche 911 get a custom wrap, you should skip the 3:19-7:40 part of the video. We’re serious.

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