Low-Mileage 1995 F-350 Dually is a True Texas Limo

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As the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” That includes the trucks. Big, long, diesel-powered “Texas Limos” rule the rural roads. Unlike your typical tiny city streets with limited parking, there’s plenty of open space to drive these beastly trucks in the Lonestar State.

This 1995 F-350 Crew Cab Dually is a perfect example of a truck built for the open roads. This is your ride if you want a truck with the power to tow heavy stuff, haul six people, and look good doing it. Even the bright red paint fits the theme by announcing your arrival from a country mile away.


The big Ford is also one of the nicest ones around, thanks to it’s mere 47,000 original miles. It’s obviously been treated very well over the last 21 years and clearly hasn’t been abused as intended. Inside and out, this truck is immaculate and clean – from the tidy engine bay to the interior.


The 19.5 inch chrome wheels are a nice touch, and the truck also makes use of an Evolution Programmer to up power when desired.  Outside of that, pretty much everything is stock Ford. Overall, this is easily one of the nicest 90’s F-350’s out there. Whether you live in Texas or not.

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