Ford F-450 Thief Gets Chased by Angry Truck Owner!

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Can you imagine your very own Ford truck take off on its own before your eyes? What would you do? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a man from Fresno, California.

According to Crime Voice, the owner of a late model Ford F-450 arrived to a job site he had to inspect as part of his daily work routine. Upon arrival, the man hopped out of his truck but left the keys in the ignition. It’s not clear if the engine was running or not, but this certainly facilitated what was about to happen.

Within a few minutes, the man said that he saw his very own truck take off and start driving down the road. At first he thought it was a mechanical failure, and maybe he’d forgotten to put the transmission into park, but within a few seconds he realized someone had actually jumped in his truck and stolen the darn thing!


Initially the man ran after his own truck, but eventually got in another vehicle and started chasing the F-450 while talking to the police over the phone. Once the vehicular chase entered a crowded area of Fresno, the thief decided to jump out of the truck and take off by foot. A few minutes later an undercover officer spotted a man that matched the thief’s description and apprehended him.

38-year-old Ronald Autry was charged with auto theft and parole violation. Crazy enough, he had just exited jail not too long before this incident. Now, while the thief is certainly a low-life, the Ford truck owner could’ve saved himself a big headache by not leaving the keys in the ignition.

Lesson learned!

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Story & Photos via: [Crime Voice]

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