Lightly Built Ford F-150 Runs 13.3

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This week’s video features a 2012 Ford F-150 that we have watched before. This truck has been fitted with a collection of modifications over the past year, allowing it to dip well into the low 12 second range with the help of forced induction. When this video was filmed, this 2012 F-150 was still naturally aspirated, but the simple mods that had been performed allow this half ton hauler to run in the low 13s.

For this particular run, the 2012 F-150 is sporting a Boss 302 Mustang intake manifold, a free flowing Y-pipe, 3.55 gears, a high stall torque converter and a good tune – all of which increases the output of the 5.0L v8 to a point where the short bed, short cab pickup can blast down the quarter mile in just 13.3 seconds, with a trap speed of 104 miles per hour.


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