TRUCKED UP Ford F-150 Does a Burnout – Almost Hits the Garage

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This week’s video features a lowered Ford F-150 doing a rather ill-advised burnout as he pulls into the driveway. We don’t have any details on this F-150, but it is clearly lowered, riding on custom wheels and tires. Also, we can hear that it is packing a V8 engine and we can see some custom exhaust sticking out from behind the rear wheel.

Now, while lots of burnouts happen in questionable locations, this Ford F-150 picks an unusually tight area to do this burnout. He is turning into a short driveway where he has stopped to play it up for the camera before putting on a very brief smoke show. However, since he started so close to the house and opted to let the F-150 roll when the burnout begins, the driver quickly has to slam on the brakes to avoid running into the closed garage door.

Remember folks, open your garage door before doing a driveway burnout.

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