2006 Ford Gets Smoky and Drifty for the Camera

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This video features a stock 2006 Ford F-150 FX4 finishing off an old set of rear tires in a damp parking lot.

The burnout starts with the F-150 sitting in one place, roasting the rear tires while the cameraman moves around the back of the truck for a better view.

After about 20 seconds of burnout out, the driver lets off the brakes and the truck quickly moves away from the camera while still spinning the rear tires.

Once rolling, the driver of this F-150 whips the back end around over and over, drifting around the wet parking lot for almost a full minute before shutting it down.

In the end, he doesn’t create all that much smoke, but this stock F-150 puts on enough of a tire spinning display to fit into our Tuesday feature.

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